The Teaching Center of Physics Experiment was formerly affiliated with Fundamental Physical Center (originally named “Teaching and Research Section of Physics (TRSP)”), whose central task was in charge of all fundamental physics class and physical experimental teaching for all the undergraduates in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). TRSP was established in 1958 when USTC was founded. The former directors were Professors SHI Ruwei and Professor QIAN Linzhao, who are outstanding and well-known scientists (Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering) in China. Many famous physicists worked and taught in TRSP, such as WU Youxun, YAN Jici, and so on. TRSP was reconstructed in 1978 after the Cultural Revolution, and USTC is one of the universities that reinstated and built modern physics experiments. TRSP was renamed as Fundamental Physics Center (FPC) in 1983. From then on, FPC was not only in charge of fundamental physics classes teaching and physics experimental teaching for undergraduates, but also training graduate students. FPC played a crucial role in educating excellent undergraduates and graduates.
   In order to accommodate to the requirements for experimental teaching, The Teaching Center of Physics Experiment (TCPE) was established in October 1998, which was based on Fundamental Physics Center and Teaching Laboratory of Special Physical Experiments (formerly distributed in Department of Physics and Department of Modern Physics). The main task of TCPE is in charge of all physical experimental teaching for all the undergraduates.
   USTC led the way in comprehensive reforming the system of college physical experimental curriculum, teaching contents and teaching methods in China from 1994, and started up the new system from 1995. The ‘college physical experiments’ made a significant breakthrough on ideas and practices of educational reform and obviously improved the level and quality of experimental teaching. The ‘college physical experimental curriculum’ was so successful and got the extensively consensus of universities in China and acted as the demonstration and radiating role in the development of experimental teaching.