USTC Wins the First Prize in the 12th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament

Release time:2021-09-15Browse times:58

Final stage of the 12th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT)was successfully held online from August 21st to 24th . A total of 63 teams were selected from more than 130 colleges and universities in six regional competitions across China to participate in the national final.

Seven students from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) participated in the competition. After five rounds of intense and fierce competition, USTC team won the first prize, demonstrating the solid mathematical and scientific foundation of USTCers.

CUPT takes 17 questions from the annual International Young Physicists Championship (IYPT) as the competition, which is conducted by team presentation and debate. Each year, the competition questions are open-ended and research-based physics problems that combine daily life and scientific research. By exploring and solving these interesting physics topics, it helps to develop students' ability to apply physics theory to solve practical problems as well as their communication and express ability.

During the competition, 63 participating teams were divided into 21 venues and conducted fierce team competitions and full discussions through DingTalk platform and Tencent Meeting platform. The competition included positive statements, negative questions and answers, negative statements and discussions, judge’ questions and referees’ scoring. Each match three teams took turns to participate in the discussion as the pros, cons, and judges.

CUPT competition provides a good training platform for undergraduate students from the high school exam-oriented stage to the university research learning stage, and it exercised USTCers’ comprehensive hands-on ability and problem-solving ability.

(Written by ZHANG Boxian, edited by LU Hongyu , USTC News Center)