Gravity as Entropic Force

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Title:  Gravity as Entropic Force

Speaker: Prof. HE Xiaogang

From:  Department of Physics,Taiwan University

Date:  2010.04.06 


Abstract: Gravity has been thought of as a fundamental interaction, like the other three interactions, the electromagnetic, weak and strong internations of Nature. One of the evidences of an interaction being a fundamental one is that there is an elementary particle mediating this interaction. 

In the case of gravity, this particle is the so called graviton. However, there is no evidence of direct detection. This leads some to consider that gravity may not be a fundamental, but an emergent one. Verlinde has formulated a framework to realize this, entropic force, based on holographic principle and thermal dynamics ideas. This, if true, is a breakthrough in our understanding of gravity. Some consider this as the third Apple, after Newton and Einstein. In this talk, after an introduction of the basic ideas, I will discuss implications of entropic force for massless particle and also black hole.