The Basketball Team of School of Physical Sciences Visited Zhejiang Huzhou High School

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May 25th, 2013, the Basketball Team of School of Physical Sciences visited Zhejiang Huzhou High School to hold an interchange activity for memorizing our beautiful youth. The activity comprised an exchanging meeting and a basketball friendship match. Through the combination of the classroom teaching and the outdoor basketball sport, we can not only give our undergraduates a chance to taste the life of high school again, but also bring the dream seed to those high school students of Huzhou High School.


Group photo before setting out./ Image by TAN Zongquan


Group photo after arriving Huzhou high school./ Image by TAN Zongquan


Poster of this activity./ Image by TAN Zongquan

In the morning of 25th , under the captain Tan Zongquan’s leadership, we arrived Zhejiang Huzhou High School. At the first moment of getting off the cars, we were all attracted by the beautiful school, where there are full of trees and flowers. The cultural atmosphere provides a good environment for students to study and live. The student affairs coordinator Mr. Zhou Ling gave us a warm welcome. After having a short rest, we began the activity.




Pictures during exchanging meeting./ Image by TAN Zongquan


Group photo after exchanging meeting./ Image by Tan Zongquan

In the Class 5, Grade 2, 8:30 a.m, the basketball team held an exchanging meeting between USTC undergraduates and high school students. First Mr.Zhou Ling welcomed us and hoped that his students could grasp this opportunity to learn a lot. Then Captain Tan expressed his thanks to Mr.Zhou Ling and honor to come to Huzhou High School. After playing the propaganda film of USTC and the original song of Po Jian Cheng Die, Tong Shengqun introduced USTC from the history, facilities and features. He Liang talked about Higgs and his opinions of DREAM. Ji Heng shared his experience of high school and advised them to make a good balance between study and sports. Zhou Xuhui, who graduated from Huzhou High School in 2009 and now is going to graduate from USTC, shared his secrets during three years in Huzhou High School and hoped that students should cherish everyday in high school. Last Yu Tingyi prepared some questions and prizes, students enjoyed and showed their smart ability.


Pictures of friendly match between USTC and Huzhou high school./ Image by TAN Zongquan


Group photo after exchanging meeting./ Image by Tan Zongquan

Then, we held a basketball friendship match. On the basketball court, we ran and sweat to enjoy our youth. Like the jumping musical notes, we together wrote a fair-sounding song which memorized our youth. Along with goals and hurrah, that moment was engraved in our heart, which we called YOUTH!


Photos of visiting the campus of Huzhou high school./ Image by TAN Zongquan

In the afternoon, we walked in the school and appreciated its beauty. On both sides of road, there are many trees, which belong to different classes graduated from Huzhou High School. The trees represent those classes and guard their mother school.


Souvenir picture after visiting the campus./ Image by TAN Zongquan

Last, we took a photo to memorize the unforgettable day!


(TAN Zongquan,School of Physical Science)