School of Physical Science Student Union went to Nanjing University to have a depth communion

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May 11th, 2013, the Student Union of School of Physical Science(SUSPS) from University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) went to Nanjing University(NJU) for a two-day visit. The communion aims at finding the highlights of the student union’s work, learning from each other, and enhancing the quality of both two unions. What's more, with the enhancement of this external communication, we also discussed various problems encountered by each student unions. The communion achieved complete success, organized by the Student Union of the School of Physical Science from USTC, and the Student Union of the School of Physical Science from NJU. Both of us learned a lot through the communion.
May 11th, at 16:00 pm, the students from USTC arrived at NJU, getting a warm welcome from the SUSPS of NJU.


Visiting Xian lin Campus of NJU, on the step before the library of NJU./Image by XU Hao.

After a short dinner in reception restaurant, the formal communication meeting was held. 

During the meeting, in consideration of the characteristics of the School of Physical Science, the two sides had a candid and spirited discussion, from the apprehension of the Students' Union to the organizing skills of activities.


XU Yao, the president of the SUSPS of Nanjing University, was introducing the work of theirs.


Students of SUSPS of USTC, listening carefully.

In the morning of 12th, the students of SUSPS from USTC attended the training lessons with the basketball team of School of Physical Science from NJU. After that, we had a friendly match together.


Posed for pictures with the basketball team at the end of the friendly match.


Students of SUSPS of NJU introduced their Xian lin Campus.

In the 12th afternoon, the students of SUSPS from USTC, tasted the specialties of Nanjing, had a tour in the beautiful Xuanwu Lake, and visited the old campus of NJU.

The School of Physical Science student union of USTC learned a lot from this trip. We appreciate the hospitality of SUSPS of NJU and hope both of us can always stay on the communication, seeking more cooperation. Looking forward to the next communication activities.


(WANG Chenkun,School of Physical Sciences)