A conference of the basketball team of School of Physical Sciences

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In the eveving of May 7th,a conference was helt at the conference room of the Physic Building by the captain of the basketball team of School of Physical Sciences,Tan Zongquan.,which was directed by Zhang Ping,who is the teacher of the Youth League of USTC of Physical Sciences.

The achievement of the basketball team./ Image by TAN Zongquan.

In the conference,Tan Zongquan commended the achievement of the basketball team and assigned the task of the future.As well ,Zhang Ping also gave some advice to the basketball team..

ZHANG Ping was sendind word to the team./ Image by TAN Zongquan.

Tan Zongquan was planning  the next working./ Image by TAN Zongquan.

The conference then ended with the approval of all the members of the basketball team,who had a mind to make the basketball team better.


(Tan Zongquan, School of Physical Sciences)