Grade 2012 Freshman Meet Dean and Secretary of School of Physics Face to Face

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On August 27th, freshmen from the Class of 2012 attended a face-to-face activity with the Dean and Secretary of the School of Physics in Room 5304 of Teaching Building 5.The activity is hosted by ZHANG Zhengming, supervisor of student activities for the School of Physics, who first introduced the theme and schedule of the activity.


The introduction was followed by a speech by Pro. YE Bangjiao, Secretary for the Party and vice-Dean for the School of Physics, which congratulated the students for being enrolled in the School of Physics of USTC. With the hope of the freshmen’s being able to quickly adapt to their college life, Prof. YE also gave the freshmen some advice regarding how to understand their result from the College Entrance Exam and pointed out the difference between the academic life in universities from that of high schools. Due to the large number of early-admitted students, he also gave some pointers regarding this specific student group.


Executive Dean, Prof. LIU Wandong, while stressing from a number of a perspectives, pressed on the importance of confidence for being a member of the School of Physics. Furthermore, he explicitly introduced some suggestions on living and studying in the School of Physics; he hoped that the students can learn to think for themselves and have integrity, while explain the function of such features in the further development of a student’s life. The students acknowledged his speech with applause on numerous aspects of his speech.



In the Q&A section, the two professors answered some very interesting questions by the prepared students. In his answer, Prof. LIU explain on how to positively view the importance of GPA (Grade Points Average), and stressed that we should see the total progress of students rather than focusing solely on the aspect of GPA. He also illustrated on how the School of Physics annihilate the aspect of taking GPA as the only scale of a student’s performance on a institutional level.



At the very end, as an honored tradition of USTCers, Prof. Liu gave the opportunity of the last question to a female student in the first role. 


 (YAO Yuxi,School of Physical Sciences)