The Buffet Reception of School of Physical Sciences

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Graduate admission activities & 2012 summer camp for excellent students has started on 8th July. In order to let the campers know more about the School of Physical Sciences and offer them more close communications with professors, physical sciences sub-camp of the third session of physical-chemistry summer camp held a buffet reception on July 10th.

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Guozhuang Dance /Image by ZHANG Min

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Solo “Friends” /Image by ZHANG Min

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Solo dance named “a beautiful girl from Xinjiang” by Yu Liu /Image by ZHANG Min

The Summer Camp members communicate with the proffessor /Image by ZHANG Min

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Staff performance group photograph /Image by ZHANG Min

During the party, campers could enjoy both delicious food and good performances which all directed and acted by the students from physical-camp. More importantly, they got the chance to have face to face exchanges with teachers in an extensive way.School of Physical Sciences will offer more exchange opportunities to expand the guidance range of professors on the next days.


(CHEN Yuqing, LI Longke, School of Physical Sciences)