Graduate Admission Activities & 2012 Summer Camp for Excellent Students ended satisfactorily

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In the evening of July 12th, around 700 audiences gathered in west school hall, enjoying a show which was totally directed and acted by students of summer camp to celebrate the graduate admission activities & 2012 Summer Camp for excellent students ended.

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  Openning Dance “Waka Waka” by Summer Camp members/Image by ZHANG Min

2012 summer camp was held by School of Physical Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Chemistry and Material Sciences, School of Life Sciences etc. 

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Chorus “viva la vida” by USTC Student Chorus /Image by ZHANG Min

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Solo dance named “a beautiful girl from Xinjiang” by Yu Liu /Image by ZHANG Min

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  Group dance “The Coolest Ethnic Trend” /Image by ZHANG Min

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  Song “Blessing You” /Image by ZHANG Min

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Staff performance group photograph /Image by ZHANG Min

In the evening show, the students played many wonderful performances, such as a hot opening dance “waka waka”, the small chorus “viva la vida”, a solo dance named “a beautiful girl from Xinxiang”, a short act “an impressive summer camp” and so on. In the short two hours, the hall resounded with music, laughter and applauses, students and audiences all felt the sincerity and friendship of USTC.


(CHEN Yuqing, LI Longke, School of Physical Sciences)