USTC hosts the International Conference FPCP 2012

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The 10th international conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2012) was held at University of Science and Technology of China on May 21-25th, 2012. About 120 physicists in this field from 50 foreign institutions of 15 countries and 15 domestic institutions take part in the conference.



The opening ceremony of FPCP 2012./Image by CEN Dan

The conference started in the morning of May 21. The director of the Center for Particle Science and Technology, Prof. Zhengguo Zhao chaired the opening ceremony.  The deputy dean of the School of Physics, Prof. Bangjiao Ye gave an opening address, who wished a successful conference where researchers can exchange their new ideas through discussions during the conference.


The participants was making academic report./Image by CEN Dan


The participants was making academic report./Image by CENDan


 The participants was making academic report./Image by LI Longke


Audiences was asking questions./Image by CEN Dan


Audiences was asking questions./Image by LI Longke.

The paticipants will present their recent works on the top quark physics, Rare decays, B physics, CP violation, neutrino physics, new physics and related topics. Several world leading experimentalists and theorists are invited to give several review talks. This is the first time for an institution in mainland China to host this international conference of this series which represents the world class research in this field. The conference will further strengthen the international cooperation bewteen USTC and other institutions in elementary particle physics.



(LUO Minjie,School of Physical Sciences)