• 6.6 Billion Light Years Away: Neutron Stars Merger Radiance Observed

    ​On April 11th, 2019, an international team led by Professor XUE Yongquan from University of Science and Technology (USTC) announced their observation of a unique X-ray signal from a 6.6 billion light years away survey, which is highly likely powered by a magnetar, as the aftermath of a binary neutron star merger. This discovery was published on Nature.

    Gamma-ray burst and X-ray radiation powered by a magnetar, i.e., a heavier and fast-spinning neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field. (Image by WANG Guoyan and HE Cong)
  • USTC Develops Superelastic Hard Carbon Aerogels with Nanofibrous Nanostructures
    [2019-05-15] YU Shuhong proposed a simple and uinversal method to develope superelastic hard carbon aerogels with nanofibrous nanostructures. This work is published on Advanced Materi...
  • The first mobile ICU based on 5G network has been successfully built in China
    [2019-05-07] The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC cooperated with China Telecom Anhui company and built a mobile ICU based on 5G network.
  • Go Random Walking, 12-qubits——A Step for Many-body Quantum Random Walks
    [2019-05-06] PAN's Team applied superconducting qubits in quantum walks, which has a great influence on the simulation of many-body physical phenomen.
  • Breakthrough in the Hydrogenation of CO2 into Methanol
    [2019-04-29] Prof. ZENG Jie's team made a great breakthrough in the hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol via single-atom catalysis.
  • Glaciologists Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Joergen Peder Steffensen Visit USTC
    [2019-04-26] Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, an eminent glaciologist and an academician of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, along with Professor Joergen Peder Steffensen from the N...
  • Diamond "Cameras" Take Photos of Proteins Inside Cells
    [2019-04-23] Tired of taking pictures of human or nature? Come and check out this new technology which is capable of taking shots of proteins in cells, making a great breakthrough in ...
  • USTC Alumnus Received the Title of American Academician of Arts and Sciences
    [2019-04-22] ZHANG Yaqin, the alumnus of the University of Science and Technology of China, was elected as an academician of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • [Xinhua]Chinese Scientists Find Cheaper Way to Make Hydrogen Fuel
    [2019-04-21] Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China developed catalyst to produce hydrogen energy economically.
  • Dr. Faisal Khan Reports on Risk Management
    [2019-04-19] Dr. Faisal Khan addressed a report on dynamics risk management of hazardous operations in State Key Laboratory of Fire Science lecture hall.
  • Gene-editing Technique Restores Vision of Blind Mice
    [2019-04-18] A new technology, Targeted-RecA Enhanced homology-Directed repair (TRED), leads us one step nearer towards precise gene editing alive. How it works exactly? Check out thi...
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    Topological Superconductor and Majorana Zero Mode in the Vortex

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    ACS Materials Letters Launches Free Summit Series in China

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    Ultrafast dynamics of adsorbates on metals: Insights from theory

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    Surface Action Spectroscopy with Inert Gas Messenger Atoms

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