“Fun-lympics” Held by Physics Department Class 1 of 2014

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A Fun-lymics was held by Physics Department Class 1 of 2014 recently. The activity not only attracted student within the campus but also students visiting our facility. The Fun-lympics is made up of a series of fun activities, some of them were even made up by our very own classmates.

The activities include running back to back with a balloon in between, running while keeping a table tennis ball on a racket. The most interesting game is called “Brick Movers”. The idea of the game is to move bricks while standing on them. Sounding impossible, the game is definitely a challenge to team work. It requires a team of   player to cooperate together to keep each other s’ balance while passing on bricks to build a “bridge” towards the other side of the field.

The activity not only gave the students a chance to relax in the middle of a busy term, but also built a tight bond between individual students. At the end of the games, everyone was laughing and sharing anecdotes of the activity.

“What can I say?” said one of the students, “Keep the activities coming!”


 (YAO Yuxi)