Beauty of Spring

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——Barbecue at Plant Kindom by Class 3, 4, Grade 2011, School of Physical Sciences 

It was April 2nd, a sunny day when flowers came out greeting the sun with breeze carrying the fragrance from flowers and elegant songs from birds. Here we were at the gate of the Plant Kingdom (Botanical Garden), waiting for the people to come and have our party. 

 It was a long way to go from the campus to the destination. We were attracted by the glistering colors along the way rather than exhaustion. What came to us first was green trees and grass, among which the sunshine danced naughtily. Then several great lawns showed up. There stood varieties of structures, classic or modern, occidental or oriental, fairy-tail a realistic. Coincidentally, we saw many lovers taking wedding photos. How happy they are!



After about ten minutes walking, we finally arrived. Boys and girls together prepared the food andbarbecuetools. We chose the shadow and by trees where not much sunshine would reach, so that we could have a comfortable picnic. No more than fifteen minutes, everything was ready and the ovens were holding up fire wanting. We divided into several groups and started our barbecue. Everything was filled with joy, s light as the spring. With homework and exams possessing us, we seldom got a good chance to communicate with and know each other like this. Everyone talked about whatever came up to them and shared feelings freely, ranging from Newton's laws to chasing girlfriends.






Having finished the lunch, we gathered together to have a birthday party for students who born in April. A two-layer big cake was necessary for the party. Loudly we sang birthday songs and happily we ate the dessert. It was the moment that our mind got truly relaxed and friendships naturally strengthen.

With all rubbish being cleaned, we had our personal private time. Some were flying kites, some were boating, others taking colorful photos. Had you noticed someone was sitting under a big tree and enjoying the book in hand? That was our poem ---- Minxi HE. Everyone was so happy and seemed to forget their sadness.

At last we went back to USTC accompanied with the sunset at dawn, tasting the unforgettable experience. That was an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart communication with friends and nature.