Barbecue in botanical garden

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In April 8th,the student union and graduate association of school of Physical Sciences went for an outing in botanical garden. This activity was held by both, and attracted most of the members in the student union and graduate association.

On the day, the famous tulip-festival was held in the botanical garden. The colorful tulips were in the every corner of the botanical garden.

At about 10:00 in the morning, we started to barbecue.We fixed up the grills, and put the steak, sausage and many other food on the barbecue. We ate and talked, and truly had a lot of fun.

After we finished the barbecue, we took many activities. Some of us paddled a boat in the lake, and at the same time enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the lakeside. The others played cards under the trees. We really had a great time and took the bus back at 5:00 in the afternoon.

During this outing to the botanical garden, a deep relationship had been built between the student union and graduate association. We would focus more attention to the collaborationand communication of the student union and graduate association.