Matching meeting for the "Volunteer tutoring for children of USTC logistics staff"

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A matching meeting for the "Volunteer tutoring for children of USTC logistics staff" jointly operated by the ministry of assets and logistics and the Youth League Committee of USTC was successfully held in 2221 of No.2 Teaching Building at 14:30 March 24,2012.
The meeting was hosted by Mr Zhang Ping, the secretary of Youth League Committee of Department of Physics, and participants involve Zhou Xianyi, vice president of USTC, Yang Dingwu, Minister of assets and logistics, etc.

The activity of "volunteer tutoring"is organized and operated together by the Youth League Committee of Department of Physics, ministry of assets and logistics, Youth Volunteer Association of Club Fangcao USTC. 32 volunteers from department of physics will give some free tutoring for the children who are in the families of logistics staff's. Every Saturday afternoon from April 7th to May 24th, there will be 2 courses each about 100 minutes for the children getting tutored.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Lu, on behalf of the children, made her determination to work hard and learn from her teachers – elder brothers and sisters from the department of physics. After that, Lao Yuyang gave a speech standing for all the volunteers. He claimed that we should continue and develop the spirit of loving and helping each other, do our best and pay back to the people who are working in the shade making us great living surroundings.

Then the captain of the volunteers, Lv Wengui and the secretary of the logistics ministry Wang Zhongcheng gave detailed introductions of the arrangements and organization to the parents. In the end, the vice president of USTC Zhou Xianyi made the final talk. As a teacher and an old schoolfellow, he found himself deeply moved and inspired by what the volunteers have done. As a teacher in USTC, he supported this kind of activities greatly and pointed that the community of FangCao has been a mature group with varieties of activities. The activity was special because it took advantage of excellent students in USTC and helped the children of logistics staff. He hoped parents could cherish the chance because the activity promoted the campus harmony and revealed our respect to the logistics staff and the spirits of mutual assistance. He praised the service spirits of volunteers and expected them to strike a balance between study and service. He also said that volunteers should devote themselves to prepare lessons and convey the happiness of study to the young students. There was great difference between teaching and learning .Volunteers could benefit a lot from this activity such as cultivating the ability of teaching, growing up, making acquaintance of the society. Zhou Xianyi spoke highly of the work of assets and logistics and the innovation of the activity. The Youth League Committee of Physics and logistics were hoped to work together to provide a good situation for parents and volunteers communication. At last, he wished this activity could be carried out successfully.
The meeting finished happily. A deep relationship has been built between the young students and our volunteers. We hope the activity of "volunteer tutoring" will be implemented successfully. Let us try our best to make the campus more harmonious.